Cycle 2, Season 1

Episode 5, Cycle 2: “Put Me in, Coach”

Drs. Swell and Werto introduce a reading from the Survivals that tells the story of Bea Winna. Her tale about life, and ultimate failure, as a “cheerlie” under the instructive watch of Coach offers a look into one “micro” during High Imperma. A micro is one of the diverse micro-cultures that flourished following the close of Ole-perma. Bea’s narrative continues over the next two episodes.

Cycle 2, Season 1

Episode 4, Cycle 2: “Put Me In, Coach”

In this first episode of Cycle 2, Drs. Swell and Werto receive a special, though last minute, visit from Loria Mushda, Occupant of Oversee House. She brings with her a letter written by a little girl who lives in a distant settlement in Perma. Dr. Swell answers the girl’s question about what happened to the people of Ole-perma (“Did they eat themselves all up?”) with the story of the Fat Fool Annollo.

Cycle 1, Season 1

Episode 3, Cycle 1: “Preliminaries”

Aribee Urth joins Dr. Lo Swell once again to continue with her story of the day when she and her crew discovered the Wreesome Island ruins. Aribee noticed something strange about the names the original observies chose for two of the islands that were uncovered by Ice 4, Tukpa and Emptee Sla.